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Kinetic Castle Level I

An introduction to fighting in and around structures with a handgun

Course Description

Kinetic Castle Module 1 is the introduction to fighting in and around structures, with the emphasis on the use of the handgun. The tactics for this course is based on 1 to 2 person engagements, versus team-based concepts taught for military / law enforcement. This course is intended to teach responsible every day carrying persons how to find, fix, and finish a threat within the confines of buildings, either residential or commercial, while understanding the dynamics and legalities of offensive and defensive actions. This class is also well-suited for law enforcement officers looking for individual officer response for kinetic environments. Topics include: - Common structure analysis - Threshold analysis and room geometry - Handgun fundamentals for close and contact fighting - 1 and 2 person combatives within the structure - Offensive and defensive applications - Home-based combatives and defense Course Schedule: [No upcoming classes at this time]

  • 150 US dollars

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