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Survival and Bushcraft Level I

A comprehensive approach to thriving in non-permissive environments.

Course Description

This introductory course consists of a comprehensive approach to thriving in off-the-grid and non-permissive environments, where infrastructure no longer supports human viability. Includes lecture and practical application in an 8 hour module, including; - Prioritization of resources and effort - Skills to reduce life-threatening exposure - Water procurement, filtration, and storage - Non-permissive and low impact considerations - Improvised and commercial survival devices and products Required Gear - pen and notebook - water container (including any filtration / storage student would like to try) - small utility knife - machete, hatchet, saw (any or all) - appx 50 foot of cordage - closed toe shoes and long pants for brush - insect repellent and sunscreen - rain gear Course Schedule: [No upcoming classes at this time]

  • 100 US dollars

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